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What is ozone ?

Ozone is a molecule with 3 oxygen atoms. Normal Oxygen molecule has only two. Ozone will be generated by strong UV Light, strong electrical fields or Ion collisons. Oxygen molecules will be splitted and will recombine to Ozone.

The Ozone gas is very unstable and 50 % will recombine to normal Oxygen within 20 min.

Since Ozone can split very easy one Oxygen atom it is able to oxidize organic harmfull substances and reduce gems and complex organic substances.

 Ozone is able to disinfect and make rooms clean from Gems and Virus. This is used for professional cleaning.

Below a defined concentration Level of around 0,05 ppm in air it is safe for use for Humans and animals (US FDA Regulation and German BIschV) but reacts  positive to the Environment by reducing bad smells and improves air and water quality—without negative secondary effects.

 This level is used for household products. Unused ozone will split to normal oxygen.

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